Romantic Chai - Sundeep Sharma Stand-up Comedy

Dec 6th 22
Romantic Chai - Sundeep Sharma Stand-up Comedy
Wish you all a very Happy Valentine''s Day !!
A house becomes home because of the sweet nothings that happen between couples, here I have taken the creative liberty to exaggerate situations with permission from respected wife ji who very gracefully allowed me to practice my craft and become my muse and inspiration. Dear wife, I love you !!

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Venue courtesy: The Habitat-Comedy and Music Cafe
Hospitality: Balraj Singh Ghai
Edited by: Jayant Kaushik
Directed by: Dishang Popat
Original Music Composed by: Rooshin Dalal
Animation: Kshitij
Shot by: (Team Habitat) Dishang Popat, Vivian Castelino Harsh Shah and Karan Kundnani
Live sound recording: Yash Rajiv Barse, Siegen Moopnar, Swarada Bodas
Sound mixing and mastering: Sreejith Menon
Written and performed by: Sundeep Sharma
Special Thanks to my wife: Dr. Ishmeet Nagpal

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Romantic Chai - Sundeep Sharma Stand-up Comedy