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Sister Superior Download mp3 video mp4 download

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Please come for my National(ish) tour! It’s the best thing I’ve ever made. Promise! https://goo.gl/v88Qvd

On the 30th of December, a few years ago, my cousin sister passed away in a car accident. Since then, every Raksha Bandhan has been a painful reminder of how much I miss her. Well here’s to you, sis. Hope heaven’s got good tunes.

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Sister Superior, you’ve been gone for a while,

I’ve been trying real hard to smile.

I’ve been walking ’round sister, I’ve been feeling real low,

Don’t know what I know.

And I hope, that you’re happy.

Oh I Hope, heaven’s got good tunes.


If I could, write a better story.

Oh I would… Yeah I would.

Sister Superior,

I’ve been missing you so much,

That I’ve been feeling out of touch,

With the date and time.

Try to forget you,

But you’ve been holding on to my thoughts,

Yeah sister, can’t get you, can’t get you out of my mind.

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About KuchBhi Mehta:

His real name is Akash Mehta. Akash started standup comedy from 2011 when he was in college. Akash belongs to Mumbai and completed his study from Mumbai University. He also works on music composition and content writing. But seems he get famous in standup comic for us. The former head of programming at Culture Shoq, a creative arts space in Mumbai, this multi-talented human lets his keen sense of aesthetics dictate his artistic endeavors. He is also a qualified sound engineer (He does sound for his own shows, another feather in his cap), his multi-faceted skills have helped him carve a niche out for himself.

Standups From Akash Mehta:

He performs regularly at venues like The Comedy Factory and his YouTube channel is known for publishing some distinct videos, like the Big Brother Stories. His some standups are very famous like long-distance relationship and train and how they train you for survival.

Famous Shows:

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