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Maggi – going, going gone? Download Video

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Maggi – going, going gone? Download Video video mp4 download

Youtube details of Standup Comedy Video Maggi – going, going gone? Download Video

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Farewell Maggi in less than 2 minutes, we’re gonna miss you ole friend .

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Maggi – going, going gone? Download Video Download Link


About Radhika Vaz Comedy:

Radhika Vaz (born 1973) is an Indian comedian and writer. Born in Mumbai, Vaz worked as an advertising executive in Chennai and has done her Masters in advertising from Syracuse University, New York. Radhika Vaz went for improvisational theatre class, and she said this helped her start off as a performer and a writer; she trained at Groundlings School (Los Angeles) and Improvolution (New York). In 2014, she performed in New York and in the Indian cities of Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Kochi, Gurgaon and Delhi in September for her act Older. Angrier. Hairier; she has done a play ''Unladylike: The Pitfalls of Propriety''. She is a columnist for The Times of India. Vaz cites Patrice O’Neal and Bill Hicks as her inspiration for her show. She is the co-creator of web-series Shugs & Fats with Nadia P. Manzoor, which won a Gotham Award and is now in development with Amazon Studios.

Standups From Radhika Vaz Comedy:

She moved to New York in 2000. She had a job and a normal routine of working, going to the gym, and spending time with friends on the weekends, which was cool and She really enjoyed it. The funny thing though, my boyfriend, who’s now my husband, was training for the New York City Marathon and was really busy. She had something to do outside of just hanging out. She remembers she was the one who asked her, “Don’t you want to do something?” To be honest, she didn’t know what to do, and he said, “New York is a city where you can do anything. You can take any kind of class you want.” That’s how She ended up doing an improvisational theatre class. All of a sudden, it became a fun and cool thing that I did once a week and then twice a week. It was just fun to go to class and meet people from all over the world and with totally different backgrounds from mine and totally different life stories – simply because she was in the corporate world and they weren’t. Soon after, She started teaching it, and she started to write material to perform and it just took a life of its own. She started doing stand-up much later mainly because She was doing improvisational theatre. She never saw himself as a stand-up comic because in his head stand-up had this heavy pressure to make people laugh. For some reason, Improv didn’t feel as intense and maybe it had to do with the way She was taught Improv as a group activity. She really liked the whole experience of collaboration. She started doing Improve when She was 29. She performed a lot right through my early 30s, but it was all Improv. She only began stand-up about five years ago. She did his first show in 2010, when she was 37.

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