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Shut Up Ya Kunal – Episode 1 : BJP Download Video

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Shut Up Ya Kunal – Episode 1 : BJP Download Video video mp4 download

Youtube details of Standup Comedy Video Shut Up Ya Kunal – Episode 1 : BJP Download Video

A constructive chat with BJP Youth Wing Vice President, Madhukeshwar Desai, while critiquing the current state of Indian media. Subscribe for more episodes of ‘Shut Up Ya Kunal’ and other upcoming videos. Edited by – Ramit (youtube.com/c/OfficialPeeingHuman)

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Shut Up Ya Kunal – Episode 1 : BJP Download Video Download Link

About Kunal Kamra:

Kunal Kamra was born on the 2nd of October in the year 1988. Moreover, he is 32 years old as of now. Also, his birthplace is in the suburb of Mumbai called Mahim near Bandra. Besides, he comes from a reputed family background having roots in business. Additionally, he is a Hindu by birth. Kunal’s father is a reputed pharmacist in Mumbai. Besides, Kunal accomplished his schooling from some local school located in Mumbai. Afterwards, he joined the reputed Jai Hind college in Mumbai for graduation. However, he dropped out of college in the second year itself. Surprisingly, Kunal’s parents never knew about this until he earned 35000 bucks a month by a job. Kunal worked as a part-time intern at the renowned MTV Production House. Also, this occurred at the tender age of 17. Additionally, he worked as an assistant producer for six years thereafter. However, his breakthrough came in a different field altogether. By 2013, Kunal was sick of his job. He wanted to pursue something different. Fortunately, in the year 2013, he wanted to give it a shot at standup comedy. However, it was his close pal Siddharth Dudeja who insisted him to try this out.

Standups From Kunal Kamra:

Besides, in the same year, Kunal’s first-ever Standup rendition was on board. Its name was Blue Frog. He landed some excellent punchlines while performing for a  few minutes. Moreover, in 2013, Kunal got a prized chance to perform at the Canvas Club located in Mumbai. Also, he made the audience chuckle relentlessly by his gags and punchlines. He worked his arse off to garner much fame and attention from everywhere. By the year 2017, he became a famous household name in every corner of India. Also, his shows appeared as clips on YouTube too. Moreover, in the same year, he commenced a podcast. It was titled Shut Up Ya Kunal. Besides, fans loved it so much. It always portrays more than one prominent face in the country and aims to be satirical in nature. Also, one of the episodes featuring JNU activists was aired which garnered much attention. Surprisingly, it garnered more than 10 lakh views within 4-5 hours of releasing.

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