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Parents Stand-up Comedy by Karunesh Talwar Download mp4

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Parents Stand-up Comedy by Karunesh Talwar Download mp4 video mp4 download

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These are my jokes about my parents. Thanks for watching! If you like the intro song, find it here – https://soundcloud.com/thelightyearsexplode/04-diet-coke. CREDITS: Shot by – Omar Iyer, Sumer Mehta, Vivek Kumar, Alex Thaipparambil Edited by – Omar Iyer Packaging and Grade – Plexus Music – The Lightyears Explode Sound Recording, Mix and Master – Sohaill Gandhi (Tuning Fork Studios) Location Courtesy – Tuning Fork Studios Written and performed by – Karunesh Talwar An OK! Taking… Production

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Parents Stand-up Comedy by Karunesh Talwar Download mp4 Download Link

About Karunesh Talwar:

Karunesh Talwar is a young stand-up comedian who is not afraid to speak his mind. Born in Ghaziabad but brought up in Mumbai, this Mithibai College student first tried his hand at music with his band, Fatman's Entourage (which was a huge failure in his opinion), and then started his stand-up career. Comedian after dark, part-time day dreamer and full-time rebel Karunesh Talwar is not a fan of gainful employment. Actually, he is not a big fan of anything except the truth through stand-up and the truth is often painful so is stand-up. Analgesics help though and they dont always come in pills. One of the most honed acts in the country today, Karunesh has performed in pretty much every city and on all stages; big, small and weird. He also writes for television because integrity is nice but money is better.

Standups From Karunesh Talwar:

He participated in an open mic contest for Vir Das which opened the doors of comedy for him. He has been in the field for five years now and has also written sketches for AIB Roast. “He quit that to focus on freelance work and on my kind of comedy. It was pretty good to have those people around because it gives you a good sense of what you want to do and don’t want to do,” he observes and considers himself fortunate to make a living out of humour. “IHde liked stand-up comedy since childhood. He never expected that He could make a living out of it,” he smiles. Karunesh jokes of how stand-up comedians make money which encourages even new entrants to launch a YouTube channel. “Unfortunately, there is good money here. In United States and UK, there are actual geniuses, people who have been working for 20 years and are not getting the kind of privileges we are getting right now. He  just a five-year-old in the industry and have a solo show,” he explains and adds, “The big mistake that comedians make is that without developing any kind of act, even one-year-olds upload their stuff on YouTube to get popularity. That is so short-sighted and stupid.” He wants to get better before thinking of a YouTube channel. “His aim is to slowly make Paka Na Mat Mote a two-hour-plus show. You have to hold the audience’s attention and have to write out of your skull, so that it feels funny for them.”

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