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Goa Delhi and Honeymoon Couples Download Video

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Goa Delhi and Honeymoon Couples Download Video video mp4 download

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This is just another video where I’m Talking about random stuff. Basically Just Jokes. Like Share and Subscribe. Soundtrack – Youtube se maanga hua free waala track hai Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/vjcomedy/ Instagram – @vj_ydv Snapchat – @vjydv Whatsapp – @NahiMilega Venue – Playground Comedy Studio Edited by – Akshit Arora

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Goa Delhi and Honeymoon Couples Download Video Download Link

About Vijay Yadav:

Vijay Yadav is an Engineer, Entrepreneur, Teacher and a Stand-Up Comic. He can be seen sharing the stage with comedians such as Zakir Khan, Biswa Kalyan Rath, Varun Thakur, Jeeves Ahluwalia and more. He’s also an Organiser for Stand-Up Comedy Events Yadav is effortless with his jokes. If you dig Hindi comedy then he can prove to be a refreshing entry to your watchlist. His jokes mainly surround Haryana, Haryanvi’s, his friends, and family. He stereotypes them like a pro. Observational comedy is always fun because you relate to it. And don't worry, he has promised not to threaten anyone this time.

Standups From Vijay Yadav:

Hailing from a middle-class family with conditioned career aspirations, Vijay Yadav grew up in an age where being an engineer is the norm of the day. Treading the path charted by his family he studied Design Engineering with a German Design Firm. But like all square pegs in round holes, he abandoned this ship and started his own CADD centre in India. In just 2 years, he moved on and found himself attending a meet under the aegis of ‘Hello Meet’. Hello Meet being an open platform for budding writers where they got together to discuss their field of work. Having stumbled upon the turning point in his life, he felt like he has discovered his one true talent. Having identified his niche, he soon joined Coalition- a program catering to different genres of art. Out there, he got an avenue to interact and develop with like-minded people. From that point on, it was an uphill task on the learning curve. Surmounting stage fright and being the spotlight stealer, there were hundreds of personal challenges that he had to overcome. And soon the day came when being on stage felt enlivening for him. He does complete justice by restoring the Haryanvi phenomena and taunts through his comedy style. Fans of Yadav love him and follow him for the best Haryanvi Comedy jokes that no one indeed could be better at. With a strong fan following, Vijay Yadav tops the list of the famous stand-up comedians with millions of views on his videos. He has made a good number of hilarious episodes on his hit-list that are available on almost every youngster’s smartphones. .

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