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Bombay Ki Baarish Bro – Sundeep Sharma Stand-up Comedy Download mp4

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Bombay Ki Baarish Bro – Sundeep Sharma Stand-up Comedy Download mp4 video mp4 download

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For Live shows Call Ajay Mishra at +91-8433-62-72-74 Or email at booksundeepsharma@gmail.com Chandigarh 18th of November Sunday show Tickets here https://in.bookmyshow.com/chandigarh/events/before-and-after/ET00084729 Everybody loves rain… in other parts of India, if you are in Mumbai; it’s a different story altogether. This Stand-up piece by me is around the chaos it causes and the cluelessness of authorities. If you like this video please share it too…do let me know your opinion in comments section…because your opinion matters …Thank you very much good people 🙂 Credits: Director: Karan Asnani Location: Canvas Laugh Club Mumbai D.O.P: Kedar Avasarikar Camera work : Kedar Avasarikar, Karan Asnani, Satish Ghodke Editing : Karan Asnani Live Sound recording : Muneet Sharma Sound mixing and mastering by Raghavendra Bhattacharya Special Thanks for inputs: Dr. Ishmeet Nagpal Written and performed by Sundeep Sharma Follow Sundeep Sharma on: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Sundeepshawarma/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sundeep.sharma/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/sundeepshawarma/

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Bombay Ki Baarish Bro – Sundeep Sharma Stand-up Comedy Download mp4 Download Link

About Sundeep Sharma:

Veteran stand-up and voice artist Sundeep Sharma is a story-teller like no other. Sundeep has has worked with major banners in the advertising and media world, most notably as the voice behind a number of characters for NDTV's satire Gustakhi Maf. He has also scripted shows for radio stations like Red FM Delhi and BBC World Service Trust. Having lived in multiple cities, his take on life in India, especially life for struggling artists is hilarious when encountered first and memorable when pondered upon later. From waiting for buses in Delhi to watching Inception in theatres in Mira Road, Sundeep's stories delivered in a mix of Hindi and English have the wit of a Jeeves monologue with the soul of an R. K. Laxman cartoon. Featured as 'Best in Stand-Up' by CLC and currently touring for his one hour special 'The Sundeep Shawarma Show,' Sundeep is always hungry for a live audience. Standups From Aakash Gupta: You won’t hear better jokes about Bombay than the ones from comedian Sundeep Sharma. The actor, television script writer, radio producer, and voice over artist has had successful shows inspired by the busy city, namely What Do You Think You Are Doing? He takes great pride in doing impressions and political satire-themed sketches that are easy to relate to, and to laugh at. His mimicking skills also extend to all the Khans in Bollywood, thanks to which he was also a part of the NDTV satire show (with puppets) Gustakhi Maaf, featuring jokes in Hindi, English and Punjabi. Sundeep's stories remind you of a Jeeves monologue and an R. K. Laxman cartoon that has come alive. He was also named as one of the ‘Best in Stand-up’ by Canvas Laugh Club, and has won a number of international awards including the Cannes Lions for his voice over and writing work.  

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