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FAU-G – Ek Swadeshi Khel

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After baning PUB-G, modi ji comes with Swadeshi khel called FAU-G, so how modi ji react on that, lets watch…

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About Shyam Rangeela:

Shyam Rangeela was born on 25 August 1994 in village Manaktheri of Pilibanga town of Hanumangarh in Rajasthan, His father's name is Jawahar Lal and he is a farmer. Due to some problems in farming, he left this village in 2013 and shifted in new village. now Shyam Rangeela's family lives in Mokamawala village of Raisinghnagar town of Sri Ganganagar district in Rajasthan. Shyam belongs to a Hindu family. Shyam's education till 8th was done in the village Manaktheri, then till the twelfth in Suratgarh and after that Shyam did an animation course from Jaipur in 2012–15. Shyam had a dream of becoming a comedian since childhood, now he is one of rising popular comedian, actor and voice actor of India. Everybody considers Rangeela to be the hidden winner of The Great Indian Laughter Challenge.

Standups From Shyam Rangeela:

He went to do a mimicry show at the Laughter Challenge programme and the jury loved it. Even Akshay Kumar came and said he really enjoyed it and that he had never seen such a good act. He even performed informally for the Golmaal team and they were laughing really loud. But the channel has decided not to show my act. He was told after 20-25 days that it won’t run. The production team told me verbally, nothing in writing. They did not give me any elaborate reason, but just that it is political content and that the channel does not want to get into political areas. He was surprised because he was called to perform and my political mimicry is there for all to see. He was hugely disappointed. He was, in fact, quite confident about my show and was preparing for the next shoot. He was preparing to do more mimicry in my second round, but they suddenly asked me to do a stand-up act instead. He did not have time to prepare, neither did I have a script. So obviously, He wasn’t at the top of my game. He was eliminated. My core area is mimicry, and that includes political mimicry. He is considered among the Top 15 mimics in the country. This TV show was very important for me. He had dreamed of this since my childhood, when he was in Class VI. I grew up watching the Laughter Challenge and admired Raju Srivastava and Sunil Pal. He am 22 now; I have studied animation and video editing, but for the past two years He hav become very popular as a mimicry artiste. He have performed on stage in many Indian cities and also had a show in Singapore recently. There has never been a problem when he performed my “Mitron” act on stage. The audience loves it wherever he go — big cities, small towns. No person called it offensive. Nobody said ‘do not criticise politicians, do not say anything about Modi’. They just laugh and have a good time. In fact, as soon he utter the word “mitron”, they start giggling and clapping. They understand what the act is about. My comedy is political. He  have no hesitation in saying that. Today’s youth is very much interested and involved in politics. They share my comic acts on social media and relish the fact that he am mimicking powerful politicians. .

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