Home Breakup Comedy Standups Dekha? Yeh hai ma ka pyar- | Indian funny Whatsapp Videos 2018| Try Not to Laugh 2018| Canvas laugh Download Video

Dekha? Yeh hai ma ka pyar- | Indian funny Whatsapp Videos 2018| Try Not to Laugh 2018| Canvas laugh Download Video

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Dekha? Yeh hai ma ka pyar- | Indian funny Whatsapp Videos 2018| Try Not to Laugh 2018| Canvas laugh Download Video video mp4 download

Youtube details of Standup Comedy Video Dekha? Yeh hai ma ka pyar- | Indian funny Whatsapp Videos 2018| Try Not to Laugh 2018| Canvas laugh Download Video

Dekha? Yeh hai ma ka pyaar is a part of Stand up comedy Khichidi show which is Dr. Chaturvedi’s tried and tested jokes that were originally performed in English and are now performed in Hindi to reach a wider audience. This was performed at the Canvas laugh club Mumbai

Here Dr. Jagdish shares his childhood experiences of being bullied while trying to eat outside food and handling his mother. Watch and share

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Dekha? Yeh hai ma ka pyar- | Indian funny Whatsapp Videos 2018| Try Not to Laugh 2018| Canvas laugh Download Video Download Link

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